What to Expect

Often times, loss of hearing happens gradually over several years and is not immediately noticed. Family and friends are more likely to notice that you’re having difficulty hearing long before you do. The first step in getting help is to schedule an appointment with one of our Otolaryngologists (ENT Physician) who can evaluate your ears. In order to provide you with the best possible care, an Audiologist will evaluate your hearing in a sound booth. This test is made up of several small tests:

  • Impedance Audiometry gives us an idea of how well the eardrum, the middle ear bones and your reflexes are working.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions gives us an idea of how well your inner ear is functioning
  • Your hearing levels are measured by presenting your hearing system with pure tones (beeps). We measure how loud the sound has to be before you’re aware there is a sound.
  • Speech Audiometry is done because we don’t want to know just how loud you need a sound to be to hear it, but how well you understand words once they’re loud enough to hear

To make sure you receive the most comprehensive evaluation of your hearing, you will meet with one of our physicians for a consultation following your hearing test. These highly skilled and dedicated otolaryngologists will do a thorough evaluation of your medical history and review your hearing test results. They will evaluate the health of your auditory system and provide medical clearance for hearing aids. Should your testing and evaluation reveal any medical contraindications for hearing aids, those concerns will be addressed first. Sometimes the final results of the examination suggest that you might benefit from amplification (hearing aids). Other times, it could indicate the need for medication, or even surgical intervention. Once medically cleared, you will meet with one of our audiologists and begin the process towards better hearing and an improved quality of life.


Depending on your insurance carrier, most of all of your hearing testing and your visit with the physician will be billed to your insurance.

Medicare and most insurance carriers do not cover hearing aid costs. We are not participating providers for most insurances for hearing aids, however we will be happy to assist you in submitting a claim to your insurance company if you have coverage. Please contact your insurance company to see if you are eligible for an insurance benefit.

Be prepared to leave a 50% deposit of the purchase price on the day you place an order for hearing aids. The remaining balance is due at the dispense appointment. We accept most major credit cards, and we also offer Care Credit, a 12 month no-interest payment plan for those who qualify. There are also interest plans that can extend out up to 5 years pending approval.

Audiology Consultation

If you decide to move forward with purchasing hearing aids, you will meet with one of our Audiologists to discuss all of your options. It is important to tell your Audiologist about your lifestyle and where you have the most difficulty hearing. Together, you will determine the best model and circuitry for your hearing needs.

A few weeks later, you will be fit with your new hearing aids; the programming will be adjusted to your comfort levels, and you will be taught how to use and care for them. Two weeks later, you will return and any questions or concerns that you have will be addressed. Additional care and services are included with your hearing aids for the life of your warranty period.


ENT & Allergy of Delaware offers a 45-day adjustment period. If you are unhappy with your new hearing aids and we are unable to addess your concerns to your satisfaction, you can return them in good condition for a refund within the 45-day period. The return fee ranges from $150 – $250, with the remaining balance being refunded.


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