Hearing Aid Education Classes

ENT & Allergy of Delaware proudly offers an educational session specifically designed for people who are interested in improving their quality of life by learning more about hearing loss and hearing aids. The group information session is open to people who are interested in learning more about hearing loss, how hearing loss can affect your quality of life, and how hearing aids can help you. Families and friends are welcome to attend.

That’s why we designed our program to teach people about hearing health, hearing loss, and hearing aids. The session provides attendees with detailed information about different hearing aids options, the tools they need to get help for their hearing and communication difficulties, as well as encourages realistic expectations. Listening strategies and the role of hearing aids in everyday communication events, and the effects of hearing loss and hearing aids on cognition are discussed.

Those who attend the information session leave with a much better understanding of what hearing aids can and cannot do, as well as the knowledge they need to make the most of every listening experience. This allows the patient and their loved ones to gain a better understanding of the specific individual needs of each person. The session is free but registration is required as there are limited spots available. Due to space limitations, each guest may bring one support person with them.

If you are interested in reserving your spot in our session, talk to your audiologist, call our office using extension 4, or click on the register button below!


The classes are held at our Iron Hill office on the 3rd floor conference room B.  Signs will be posted outside the elevator to direct you. Click below to register and see the upcoming dates and times!

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“The course was most enjoyable, educational and informative. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and really learned a lot.”

“I had no idea what to expect from this seminar and was very pleased with what I got. As a former teacher, I appreciate the role of education in all areas, and I learned a great deal about the hearing process and how I can find ways of using my “hearing aids for better success.”

“I am very impressed with the whole seminar and I certainly hope all of the ENT patients take advantage of it. I’m glad I did!”

“Thank you so much for this helpful class!”

“I learned so much about hearing loss and how to adapt to my condition without feeling that something is greatly wrong with me.”

“Thanks for the opportunity to learn so much about something that I will be dealing with for the rest of my life”

“Having family members attend is a MUST! Very valuable!”


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